Michel Hersen:


Guiding Principles:

Michel Hersen’s photography of the Northeast, West, Northwest, and Southwest is inspired by knowledge of Hudson River School painting.  His objective is to present the viewer with a tableau permeated by inner light taking advantage of 21st century artistic vision.  His photographic art is characterized by a clear compositional framework, luminosity, and coloration.  Hersen is a Field Contributor to Nature Photographer and he is a member of the North American Nature Photography Association and the Northwest Outdoor Writer's Association


Reviews of his Work:

Art News:  September 3, 2011, p. 121:  "Hersen's images have a sublime quality."

Nature Photographer:  (Helen Longest-Saccone:  Editor in Chief):  "stunningly beautiful images."

Amateur Photographer: (Debi Allen: Deputy Editor):  "he has been producing fantastic landscapes with such regularity."

Amateur Photographer: (Editors):  :Hersen's compositions and eye for colour are exceptional."


Magazine Publications and Periodicals:

Popular Photography, Travel Oregon, Shutterbug, Nature Photographer; Outdoor Photographer, Freshwater, Pacific Magazine, Camping Life, Digital Photo, Oregonian, American Psychologist, Brainstorm Northwest Magazine, Cabin Life, Country, Amateur Photographer, Night Sky, Starry Night Times, Pacific Coast Philology, Oregon Lakes & Rivers Magazine, Photographer's Forum, Portland Business Journal, Wildbird Magazine. com, The Garden Path, Backpacker Magazine, Bird Watching, Exposure,  Destinations, The Bulletin, Bend, Oregon


Calendars and Brochures:

Portland Japanese Garden Calendar

Oregon Field Guide Calendar

Oregon Bounty Calendar

Oregon Public Broadcasting Calendar

Providence Connections:  Palliative Care Consultation Service Brochure

Friends of Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge Brochure



Red Phoenix Books (astronomy and geology)

Alex Wilson and John Hayes:  Quiet Water (Appalachian Mountain Club: 2014)

Lilian Duval:  You Never Know (Wheatmark: 2011)



Oregon Wild 2008: First Prize

Oregon Wild 2011: Honorable mention

Silver Linings Competition 2008:  First Prize

Washington County Nature & Wildlife Competition 2010:  First Prize

Oregon Naturally 2010:  Second Prize

Catch the Color Wooden Shoe Tulip Competition 2011:  Third Prize

Oregon :Lakes & Rivers Bird Hunting Photo Contest 2011: Grand Prize

Photography Outdoors Competition (NOWA) 2013:  First and Second Prize

Nature's Best (Picture of the Week):  2010, 2013

Popular Photography (Photo of the Month):  March 2013:  Third Prize

Digital Photo (Destinations  2013 Travel  Photo Contest):  Finalist

Photography Outdoors Competition (NOWA) 2014:  First and Second Prize

Photography/Artwork: Non-Living Subject (NOWA) 2015:  First and Second Prize

Photography/Artwork: Fauna (NOWA) 2015:  Second Prize

Shutterbug Stores Competition  2014 (Landscape Division):  Second Prize

Freshwater Trust Photo of the Month:  July 2013; December 2014



Participant, Oregon State Fair:  2010-2013

Michel Hersen:  Oregon Landscapes at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art in Salem, Oregon:  August 7, 2010-October 10, 2010

Michel Hersen and Rafaelo Kazakov:  Beautiful/Gritty: Nature/City:  International Images, Sewickley, Pennsylvania: April 29, 2011-August 31, 2011

Michel Hersen and E.J. Baeza:  Valley Art Gallery, Forest Grove, Oregon:  January 11, 2012-February, 2012

Michel Hersen:  Death Valley Series:  Pro Photo Supply Lab Gallery, Portland, Oregon:  April, 2012

Michel Hersen :  Geezer Art Gallery, Portland, Oregon:  August-2012: 

Participant, 30th Annual Visual Arts Showcase, Beaverton, Oregon, November 3, 2012-November 11, 2012

Participant, PhotoPlace Gallery, Middlebury Vermont:  Edges of Night (June 18, 2013-July 13, 2013), Mountains and Sea (September 10, 2013-October 4, 2013), Art of Travel (June 3, 2014-July 2, 2014), Finding the Light (July 1, 2014-July 25, 2014), Dreams, Fantasies, and Illusions (October 21, 2014-November 14, 2014)..

Participant, The Earth Laughs in Flowers:  Columbia Center for the Arts, Hood River, Oregon:  July 5-July 28, 2013.


Representation and Sales:

Danita Delimont Stock Photography of Bellevue, Washington

Geezer Gallery, Portland, Oregon

Portland Japanese Garden, Portland, Oregon and


Permanent Collections:

Hallie Ford Museum, Salem, Oregon

Pacific University, Forest Grove, Oregon

City Hall, Portland, Oregon

Library, Palouse, Washington



Various competitions in the northwest


Museum Presentation:


Maryhill Museum of Art, Goldendale, Washington:  Make that picture; Don't just take it.  July 21, 2011.